Tektronix 1480R Waveform Monitor With Rackmount Ears

Full feature capability for demanding video measurements in a range of applications. Suitable for Vertical Interval testing. Amplitude measurement accuracy approaching 0.2%. Digital selection of line and field.

There are 1480 series monitors for PAL, PAL-M, NTSC and SECAM. The 1480R is a Waveform Monitor which has advanced measurement modes, amplitude measurement accuracy of 0.2 %, digital selection of line and field, a 15 line display for VTR applications and a bright CRT especially suitable for vertical interval testing.

The 1480R NTSC Waveform Monitor is a full feature video measurement tool with precise selection of lines 9 to 22 NTSC in positive fields 1 or 2.

Not just any monitor, the 1480R is a standard for monitoring CCU, VTR, Transmitters, etc. Accuracy is quite sufficient, approaches 0.2% amplitude accuracy and utilizes bright CRT and 15-line display for VITS viewing and VCR applications. Fast Sweep: 0.1 mS/division; DC Restoration & DC Coupling; Side-by-side Comparison. 2 V maximum input