EIP 548A

10Hz-26.5GHz Frequency Counter

Frequency range : 10 Hz to 26.5 GHz

10 Hz to 100 MHz (band 1)

10 MHz to 1 GHz (band 2)

1.0 GHz to 26.5 GHz (band 3)

Frequency resolution : 1 Hz

Sensitivity: 25 mV (band 1)

-20 dB (band 2)

-30 dB to 12.4 GHz

-25 dB 12.4 GHz to 18 GHz; -20 dB

EIP model 548A 12 digit frequency counter; 10 Hz to 26.5 GHz (up to 110 GHz with optional sensors, not supplied) with a resolution up to 1 Hz, even at the highest frequencies. You’ll note the option label says it has option W36. This means the unit has the options 05,06, and 08.

Has built-in oven type high-stability crystal oscillator timebase, (option 5)

and extended frequency (option 6) installed; the sensors and cables required for use above 26.5 GHz (band 4) are not provided.

Provides leading digit blanking and user-selectable resolution. A keyboard is provided for commands and data entry. Uses a YIG preselector to select the strongest signal, within it’s measuring range, on band 3 (1-26.5 GHz).This is a currently made product by Phase Matrix Inc.

Very clean and undamaged. It is working properly in all respects. The two empty card slots are for options not installed. The crystal oven has it’s own power supply, and is on any time the counter is connected to the power line, to eliminate a warmup period. GPIB is installed; not tested, however. The cabinet is configured for shelf or table-top use; on the bottom cover there are four removable feet and a bail (tilt stand). The frequency display can easily be seen across a room, unlike some LCD counters.