The 3CX3000A7 high-mu forced-air cooled power triode provides relatively high power output as an amplifier, oscillator or modula- tor at low plate voltages. The tube has a low inductance cylindrical filament tank circuit for VHF operation. Operation with zero grid bias in many applications offers circuit sim- plicity by eliminating the bias supply. Grounded-grid operation is attractive since a power gain of over twenty times can be obtained.

Brand : Eimac/CPI

Maximum plate dissipation : 4,000 Watts

Maximum screen dissipation : – –

Maximum grid dissipation : 225 Watts

Frequency for max rating (CW) : 110 MHz

Amplification factor : 160

Filament/cathode : Thoriated Tungsten

Voltage : 7.5 Volts

Current : 51.5 Amps

Capacitance : Grounded cathode

Input : 38.0 pF

Output : 0.6 pF

Feedthrough : 24.0 pF

Capacitance : Grounded grid

Input : 38.0 pF

Output : 24.0 pF

Feedthrough : 0.6 pF

Cooling : Forced Air

Base : Special, Coaxial

Length : 228.60 mm

Diameter : 105.50 mm

Weight : 2.8 kg

Output Power : 7.26 kW

Maximum Frequency : 110 MHz

Cooling : Forced Air

Filament Voltage : 7.5 V

Filament Current : 51.5 A

Peak Anode Voltage : 5 kV

Amplification Factor : 160 µ

The 3CX3000A7 is a(n) fac triode manufactured by CPI-Eimac. The 3CX3000A7 is primarily used in broadcast applications. CPI-Eimac is a leading manufacturer of power grid tubes covering a wide range of applications including broadcast, industrial and scientific. Richardson Electronics is proud to be the exclusive global distibutor for CPI-Eimac products. Contact Richardson Electronics today for more information about this Product.